Acrylic Overlay Objects

Everyone knows what acrylic is but have you ever seen it used digitally? Sure it's not real...made up in fact. However that doesn't stop this graphics pack from adding a cool detail to your designs. Allow me to introduce my Acrylic Overlay pack!
This set is made up of 40 unique designs in a clear and embossed effect that you can drag and drop alongside your existing work to give it an added element. They look nice over type and photos on dark or light backgrounds. Furthermore, you can adjust the layer blending modes and apply color or gradient overlays to give them a different feel. It's a simple yet versatile design element you can have fun using!

- 40 unique designs in PNG format
- All with simulated highlights, embossed and shadow effects
- 5000 px on it's longest side
- 300 dpi

Tip: In its original form the objects look better over light backgrounds. When using on dark backgrounds try applying a color overlay for a more pronounced look. Also looks good with a grain effect!

As always, thanks for your support.

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