Edge Texture Collection​​​​​​​

Edge Texture Collection is a high quality texture set inspired and sourced from natural resources. The textures in this set are made from the edgy and rough surfaces found along the Hudson River in Northeastern USA. This gritty collection was further enhanced to boost the sharp cuts into an abstract image that will make any project stand out. It's a one of a kind set that's made with the highest attention to detail for the best results possible.

Included in this collection:

- 58 Total hi-res graphics
- 12 PNG textures 6000 x 8000 px in 300 dpi
- 36 abstract PNG pieces 1291 x 7650 px in 300 dpi
- 10 PNG linear marks 2539 x 499 px in 300 dpi
- Photoshop Brush Set included for the 12 PNG Textures

As always, thanks for your support.

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